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Summer Lovin'

I have lofty blog posts, planned, people.  Lofty.  Posts about the spaces I consider sacred and how they influence my writing, posts about character development and settings and plot, or the lack thereof.  The problem is summer keeps getting in the way.  Somehow, summer manages to have an abundance of time, and yet not enough…

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Garden Spells

Summer in New England is short and temperamental.  The warm weather comes and goes in a flash, the sun visits and then retreats. It’s fickle and gorgeous and a season to appreciate but not to count on. Because we were away for two weeks, and then recovering for another week or so, I missed the…

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Dia Dhuit!

I’ve been cheating on you, my pretties.  Whilst you thought I was here, slogging away at the computer, I was actually there, eating scones with clotted cream, drinking pots of tea, and walking about the Irish countryside. You know all that stuff about how poetic the Irish are?  It’s true.  One rainy day, I asked…

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