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All I Need is a Reindeer…

The Grinch looked around, but since reindeer were scarce, there was none to be found. Did that stop the Grinch? No! The Grinch simply said “If I can’t find a reindeer, I’ll make one instead!” Happy Holidays!  See you in the New Year!

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Christmas in Books

I love the holidays.  I love the scent of pine, the cold air, the way the houses look when we drive around at night.  But maybe most of all, I love the books. Over the past 10 years, we’ve amassed quite the collection of holiday stories.  Most of the year, they live in a box…

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No Gift With Purchase

John Scalzi, a writer I really like, did a very kind thing this week: He gave writers and editors the chance to share information about their books in his blog’s comments.  A type of writerly gift guide for the holidays, if you will. I thought it might be fun to do something similar.  So I’m…

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