From the Trenches

Hey, I said I’d announce a winner on Tuesday, and I still have two whole hours!  You are probably thinking “Ooh, with her debut next week, she’s too busy to keep up with the blog.”  Or even “Now that her book’s almost out, she’s got better things to do.”  Yes indeed.  Those better things to do would include cleaning up unmentionables from small children who were felled by the stomach bug this weekend.  I can guarantee you, that’s something Hemingway never did. (Although my awesome husband, who does read this blog from time to time, certainly did.  On his birthday, no less.  That’s why he’s awesome.)

So, without further ado, the Random Number Generator has spoken, and it has chosen Jenna’s comment.  Woo-hoo!  I promise to send a germ-free copy of The Murderer’s Daughters as soon as it is out in paperback.

I am doing one final giveaway on Thursday, and it’s with a debut author who I think is going to have a fabulous career.  Please come back then to check it out.  Until then, keep those hand sanitizers loaded.

Liz Michalski

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