Three Random and Unrelated Things

1) Moo and Writer Unboxed are running a contest in which five people will be given a free pack of mini-moo business cards, and everyone who enters will get 25 percent off their order.  (I love my moo cards.) Even if you have no plans to enter, go and read the entries — they are funny and amazing.

2) You know how, when you are out driving, you sometimes see people dragging their dogs for a run?  And you feel bad for them, and want to stop the car and give the poor animal a drink of water or something?  Harley is not that dog.  Harley is the dog who, when I take him for a run, other dogs hang out their car windows and yell “Yo, stuuuuud!  Keep on truckin’!”  We ran 3.5 miles together yesterday (or rather, I ran, and Harley kind of ambled along ahead, breaking into a trot only when I sprinted at the end) and when we were done, he would have been happy to do the whole thing again, only without the 115 pound weight attached to him.  I want people to stop their cars and give ME a drink.

Mid-stride, with a halter on to prevent me surfing along the pavement.

3) I am writing again, slowly.  I find I can write entire sections in my head, but then when it comes down to getting them on paper, I have to write all this other stuff to get to where I want to be first, before I can write those scenes.  And then I wind up cutting most of the other stuff anyhow.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Or am I just exhausted from all this running?

Liz Michalski


  1. Vaughn Roycroft on October 7, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I’m a ‘whole sections in my head’ kinda writer too, Liz. Happens to me while walking with the dog, often. My knees are shot, so no more running for me. In fact, my shoulder’s shot, too, so no more skiing either (water or snow–some X-country). When the ‘whole sections’ come, I have to come home and write it all down right away, or it’s gone. I’m warning you, it’s hell getting old.

    Keep missing your posts now (damn new FB). But I just noticed the ‘notify me’ box below and checked it. Maybe that’ll help. 🙂

    • liz on October 7, 2011 at 11:26 am

      Hey Vaughn! Thanks for stopping by. I love running, but am trying to stick to three times a week so I don’t run into problems. And I hear ya on the losing bits of the mental writing — I’m sadly old enough that I’ve decided to carry a notebook with me most of the time now.

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