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There’s no words, really, to cover what’s happened in Japan.  I could try — words like horrific, heart-rending, and tragic come to mind — but they’re just words, black dots on a computer screen, typed from the comfort of a warm, safe office.  I look at the pictures in the news and then at those words and they are too clean and sterile to even think about using.  I can’t imagine what’s like to see those scenes close up, or worse yet, to have been a child and lived them.

Over at Write Hope, a group of kidlit authors have banded together to try to change those words into something more promising.  They are running an auction with wonderful prizes — books, manuscript critiques, consults with agents — and all proceeds will be donated to Save the Children/Japan. I’m donating a Book Club in a Bag — up to 10 copies of Evenfall, cookies, a reusable cloth bag, and the chance to Skype with me. (If you are within an hour of where I live, I’ll come to your book club in person.) Items are up for only 72 hours, so keep checking back. (Edited: My donation is number eight today.)  Please help me spread the news — and help change those words into a more positive future for the tens of thousands of children who were affected.

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  1. ChristaCarol on April 1, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Great cause. I love your site, so beautiful. Hope the auctions spark some amazing help. Looks like it so far!

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