A Winner, And an Apology (Not in that order)

So if you’ve ever watched a television award show, you know what I’m talking about – those people who go on and on thanking everyone from their pool boy (“for providing an environment in which I can relax”) to their hair stylist (“for always making me look good!”) all the while completely forgetting to thank somebody important (their agent, spouse, or partner) who happens to be sitting right in front of them?  Sometimes it has to be on purpose — you know because they break up the next day.  Sometimes, though, the person is just a dumb @##, or somebody who is just overwhelmed by the moment.

I’m hoping I belong to the latter category.  If you’ve gotten your copy of Evenfall, you’ll see the acknowledgement section extends to almost two pages.  And while I managed to hit most of the highlights (Agent: Check;  Editor: Check; Spouse: Check) I did, with absolutely no malice in mind, manage to leave a few people off.  So herewith, my apologies and my eternal thanks to Julie Wu, who read and offered fabulous feedback multiple times (expect to hear lots more from her — her own book, The Third Son, will be coming out in the near future, and it is a wonderful read).  Also, thanks to Mary Akers and Katrina Denza, established writers who read early chapters. (And I love pretty much everything they write.  So there.)  Thirty whacks with a paper towel roll on the head for me.

On a happier note, we have a winner!  Shveta gets the copy of Force of Habit. (If you were intrigued by Alice, there’s more on her over at Tartitude — she’s very funny and I think her series is going to be a big hit.)  And there’s a fun giveaway that I’m coveting — go check it out!

Liz Michalski