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Liz Michalski's novel, EVENFALL, was published by Berkley Books (Penguin). She's been a reporter, an editor, a freelance writer, and has written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, and private corporations.


In her previous life, she wrangled with ill-tempered horses and oversized show dogs. These
days she chases after small children and a medium-sized mutt. She likes dark chocolate caramels, champagne, and licorice tea (preferably not all served at once). In summer you'll find her visiting farmers' markets and trying to talk her family out of making her swim at the Connecticut shore.


The rest of the year she's home in Massachusetts with her husband, daughter, and son,
hard at work on her next novel.


To learn more about what books she enjoys, visit her on

As a writer, she's found the following sites very helpful:

Miss Snark

Moon Rat

Nathan Bransford

Although the first two sites are now archived,
Photos of LIz and her familythey contain excellent advice. Taken together,
the three are essentially a free crash course
on writing, editing, and publishing.